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08 March 2022
PRESS RELEASE – Enhanced EU standards for safe and secureparking areas for trucks – on the road torefrigerated transport decarbonization Download here
14 October 2021
Cross-Industry Joint Statement: A European Agenda For Evidence-Based and Better Policy-Making In April 2021, the European Commission published its new Better Regulation Communication1 aimed at improving EU policy-making. The undersigned European trade associations strongly welcome the principles and the objectives of the Communication. Nonetheless, we would like to herewith share recommendations to further improve the European policy-making process in the context of the busy policy agenda and ahead of crucial upcoming policy initiatives.
To this purpose, we call for:
● EU Legislation to be developed fully on the basis of and supported by evidence and thorough impact assessments;
● Sufficient time and resources to be allocated at all phases of the decision-making process, so as to ensure sound policy decisions;
● Consultations to be conducted via thorough process, involving expert input from all relevant stakeholders, and allow for sufficient time to provide feedback;
● Key regulatory provisions such as definitions and scope to be agreed upon and clearly defined at a primary legislative stage, rather than through implementing acts or guidance documents, to prevent the adoption of diverging and disproportionate national measures and EU market fragmentation;
● The impact on innovation to be considered in all legislative initiatives to ensure<br>future-proof policy-making;
● EU legislation to be implemented and enforced in a harmonised way safeguarding the Single Market. If applicable, legal requirements that need specific verification procedures by authorities must be verifiable through established methods, including the timely listing in the OJ of references to the harmonised standards.
Read More: Cross-Industry Joint Statement: A European Agenda For Evidence-Based and Better Policy-Making

9 July 2020 

Statement from Transfrigoroute International on the Mobility Package compromise

The focus now is on the transition towards sustainability while protecting all drivers

Transfrigoroute International welcomes the final vote by the European Parliament on the compromise over the Mobility Package. Transfrigoroute would now like to request the European Commission to deliver on the next steps, particularly on the delegated act for safe and secure truck parking areas.

Transfrigoroute has voiced many times the acute need for a better infrastructure, not only in terms of safety and sanitary conditions for our drivers, but also for the immediate environmental improvements. All our refrigeration equipment must be considered as we progressively move towards more electrification. Keeping the cold chain intact while parking is fundamental, and we should be able to do so using electricity from the grid, turning off the diesel engines whenever possible.

René Moeijes, President of TI, says: “the temperature-controlled transport sector will continue to play its part in the efforts towards a greener and increased sustainable Union. However, the EU and Member States must take action to reduce the economic impact of the crisis and provide certainty to operators and suppliers”.

“The temperature-controlled transport sector has demonstrated how invaluable it is for our society during the pandemic, despite risks to drivers, operators and border closures. We maintained a constant food supply across many regions and kept hospitals stocked with essential medicines. We will continue to serve all EU citizens, but we ask that the special needs of our sector are recognised as we all embrace changing environmental regulations.”

“We would like to see, in the EU Strategy for sustainable mobility, more harmonisation on definitions and criteria for zero- and low-emission zones in urban areas across Europe, as the current patchwork of regulations is clearly not fit for purpose”, René Moeijes emphasized.