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Why join Transfrigoroute International?

Transfrigoroute International is the networking organisation that has a unique role in gathering together all parties involved in temperature controlled logistics and road transport in Europe. We can put you in contact with all relevant operators, manufacturers and regulators in more than 14 EU countries.

Transfrigoroute International is the political organisation that represents our sector toward decision makers in Brussels and in EU capitals. By becoming a member of TI you make sure that your voice is heard and become active in shaping the policies and regulations of tomorrow.

Transfrigoroute International is the technical and advisory organisation that supports best practices for transporters and allows manufacturers to define and defend common standards.

Membership is open to:

  • All parties involved or with an interest in transport at controlled temperatures of foodstuffs and other goods in solid or liquid form.
  •  Haulage companies which transport foodstuffs or perishable goods using insulated vehicles, refrigerated vehicles and road transport tankers at temperatures above or below zero.
  • Manufacturers of commercial vehicles, trailers, vehicle bodies, refrigerating equipment and accessories as well as technical testing organizations.
  • Service companies which provide technical assistance, insurance and damage assessment services, legal assistance and en-route support.
  • Patrons who support the association’s objectives.

How to become a member

Please contact us for all the details on how to become a member.