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FCI Board

The FrigoClub International (FCI) represents the hauliers and operators within TI. As such, its membership is made out of:

  • All the Presidents of Transfrigoroute National Associations;
  • All the Secretary Generals of Transfrigoroute National Associations; and
  • One representative from each national TI Associations haulage companies designated by the National Associations.

The FCI’s role is to provide:

  • A forum for discussion on the political positions of TI while ensuring a fair representation of the various interests of TI. As such the FCI is really the place where political issues which have an impact on the day-to-day operations of operators are discussed and addressed. These problems are also addressed in discussions with policy-makers, enabling these to get first-hand accounts from on the ground operations.
  • Opinions and suggestion on the work programmes and priorities of the EC and support to the activities and decisions of the EC. In fact, the FCI has an important internal role as it prepares the grounds for the decisions being taken by the EC, but also implements these back in the national associations to ensure a coordinated approach. Furthermore, the FCI contributes to gaining new members to ever grow the association, and thereby its representativeness.
  • Expertise from the national level. The wealth of expertise within the association is immense and this enables the FCI to share best practices across national borders.

The FCI is led by a President, who is a member of the EC, and two Vice-Presidents, which are appointed for a period of three years.

Function Name Nationality
President Didier Michel Belgium
Vice-President Carlos Donat
Igor Skutil