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CCT Management Committee

  • In its capacity as official organ of Transfrigoroute International, the Technical Advisory Committee (CCT) has as its objective to provide advice on scientific, engineering and legal matters to TI members.
  • The CCT is headed by its Management Committee steering the overall agenda of the CCT and centralising the input provided by the three Working Groups specialized in different areas of interest (please see separate section on the CCT Working Groups).
  • The CCT Management Committee meets four times a year on a regular basis and in the locals of its different members across Europe.

Members of the CCT Management Committee – Term of office: 2013-2016

Function Name Nationality
President André Stumpf  France
Vice-Presidents Joseph W. Grealy Ireland
  Oliver Fontaine Germany
Other members Julio Ibiza Spain
Ivar ten Tuijnte The Netherlands
Gwenaël Tuet               France
Frank Nordhoff Germany
Dermott Crombie Ireland
Manfred Burke  Germany