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About Transfrigoroute International

Founded in 1955 TI is the independent specialist umbrella association for the temperature-controlled road transport sector. TI comprises 11 national member associations and unites thousands of members involved in temperature-controlled logistics and the transportation of foodstuffs.

Family picture at the TI AGM 2012 in Lyon, France.


Membership is open to all parties involved with transport at controlled temperatures of foodstuffs and other goods in solid or liquid form. This includes:

  • Haulage companies which transport foodstuffs or perishable goods using insulated vehicles, refrigerated vehicles and road transport tankers at temperatures above or below zero;
  • Manufacturers of commercial vehicles, trailers, vehicle bodies, refrigerating equipment and accessories as well as technical testing organizations;
  • Service companies which provide technical assistance, insurance and damage assessment services, legal assistance and en-route support; and
  • Patrons who support the association’s objectives.


TI’s main objective is to take all suitable measures to promote the development of the transport of temperature-controlled foodstuffs (and goods), in solid and in liquid form. This shall be achieved through three sub-goals:

  • Constructively contribute to policy-making: Collaborating and acting in an advisory capacity with the relevant international organizations such as the European Union, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), and with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and other international organizations, while improving the industry’s image and educate about its societal value.
  • Ever increase the technologies used: Increasing productivity and quality of offerings and services, improving the logistics of the cold chain, and encouraging technical progress, in particular in relation to food hygiene, environmental protection, road safety and economic efficiency.
  • Provide services to members: Making sure there are best practices exchanges, ensuring members have access to a wide network of business contacts, and making sure that members are in a privileged position as regards policy-making and technologies, as compared to non-members


Competition statement

TI is committed to ensuring that all members do adhere to EU Competition rules. Therefore all members participating in meetings have to sign this competition statement.